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  Courthouse + Jailhouse Rocks near Scottsbluff - Nebraska Travels Attractions
 Courthouse + Jailhouse Rock
Popular Nebraska Travels Scenic Attractions near Scottsbluff

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Western Nebraska Panhandle Area

Scottsbluff NE area Attractions - including Chimney Rock

+ Lake Minatare & Lighthouse *
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Scottsbluff, NE Map with area Attractions

Northwest Nebraska Grasslands & Badlands Area

Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

Toadstool Geologic
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Chadron & Crawford Area Attractions
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Fort Robinson State Park *
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Nebraska Sandhills Area & Attractions

Sandhills Area Info
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Northern Nebraska
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Smith Falls Waterfall & Niobrara River Pict
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Sandhill Crane Viewing on Platte Grand Island & Kearney

Sandhill Crane Migration - Viewing Tips, Pictures & Video

Eastern Nebraska Attractions
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Lincoln Nebraska Attractions
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Why a Nebraska Travels & Vacation Guide Site?

Ever been traveling in an area with a spectacular area attraction like for example Pikes Peak, and ask a "local" Denver resident about it and get the reply - "I don't know - I've never been up there."
Chimney Rock near Scottsbluff - Popular Nebraska Travels Attraction 
This picture is now on our US Vacation Sites
High Resolution Photo Preview pages - pg 2 or 3

Chimney Rock near Scottsbluff, NE
and the North Platte River
- a Nebraska Travel "Must See"

Many great Nebraska Scenic, Geologic, and Historic Attractions are the same way. Many of the "local" Nebraska residents have never bothered to check them out -- or they just take them for granted.

My Wife and I live in eastern Nebraska, and were guilty of this attitude regarding travel in the western Nebraska Sandhills area and attractions for many of the past 40+ years. My wife is actually a Nebraska Native so has 55+ years in NE -- she wouldn't want me to say how many years the "+" represents! I'm an Nebraska "import" of over 40 years.

The "Must See's" we had missed in the Western Nebraska Sandhills:

We had "detoured" off the Interstate up to Scottsbluff on the way to the Rocky Mountains from our home of 30+ years near Lincoln, NE to briefly see Chimney Rock, Courthouse Rock, and the Scottsbluff National Monument. We had even taken a quick trip on up to Historic Fort Robinson State Park and done a "drive-thru" of Chadron State College and the Nebraska National Forest when our boys were in their early teens. But we had never really slowed down and checked out the western Nebraska Sandhills and great Sandhills area attractions.

We have talked to many others in eastern Nebraska who have not "toured and viewed" the nearby western Nebraska Sandhills or checked out the attractions in western Nebraska - but they, like us, have been to Disney World more than once. The "vacation grass" always looks "greener" further away from home!

And in Western Central + Northwest Nebraska:
 Western Nebraska Sandhills Grassland - Cattle by Wooden Windmill

Western Nebraska Sandhills Grasslands - Cattle by Wooden Windmill - near Mullen, NE - Larger picture version on Western Nebraska & Sandhills Road Trip page

For example, until recently, we had never driven "leisurely" through the beautiful and peaceful northwest Nebraska Sandhills on scenic Hwy 2 which runs along a branch of the Loup River for part of the way -- and through some spectacular Sandhills cattle ranch grassland country with many interesting windmills.

 Toadstool Geologic Park near Crawford 

Toadstool Geologic Park near
Crawford, Nebraska
(west of Chadron, NE)
Larger Pict version on Toadstool Geologic Park Page

We had never hiked the spectacular and interesting Toadstool Geologic Park near Crawford west of Chadron, NE -- a definite Western Nebraska Travels "Must See!" (11/2/06 - We now have a Toadstool Geologic Park Page with several photos.) Our boys had canoed the Niobrara River with their Boy Scout Troop, but my Wife and I had never really stopped to explore and view it beyond a few Niobrara River "drive-by's" or "drive-overs" during travel on other road trip vacations.

We only recently stopped and checked out the interesting Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center in a building on the Chadron State College campus. My Wife is interested in Mari Sandoz and her writings so she particularly enjoyed this well-done display. (We now have a new page on the author-historian Mari Sandoz attraction.)

Plus Northern Nebraska & along the Niobrara River:

We also had previously not driven across the northern edge of Nebraska on Scenic Hwy 20 thru Chadron and Valentine, and Scenic Hwy 12 on east near the Niobrara River and travel on thru Niobrara, NE. -- an enjoyable and peaceful northern Nebraska Sandhills drive.
Smith Falls on Niobrara River near Valentine, Nebraska - Nebraska's Tallest Waterfall 

Smith Falls near Valentine, NE
Tallest Waterfall in Nebraska

We recently took the time to walk across the restored old steel bridge over the Niobrara River to view beautiful Smith Falls near Valentine, Nebraska. Another Nebraska Travel "Must See!" (Pictures and Info about Smith Falls State Park and Niobrara River plus a waterfall video clip of "roaring" Nebraksa's tallest waterfall Smith Falls and the much canoed Niobrara River are now posted here.)

We also recently checked out both the Missouri River and the Niobrara River from several scenic overlooks where they come together along the edge of Niobrara State Park near Niobrara, NE. Spectacular views! - watch for pictures to come here.

Nebraska Lighthouse at Lake Minatare
-- A Historic Lighthouse in Nebraska??
Lake Minatare Historic Lighthouse
near Scottsbluff, NE

We didn't know that Nebraska had a historic Lighthouse on Lake Minatare just northeast of Scottsbluff. (I would be willing to wager that a LOT of Nebraskans don't know about this historic "Lighthouse without a light" in Western Nebraska!)

We had focused on Florida and other US ocean Beach Vacations with the Boys using some Cocoa Beach Time shares we got 30+ years ago, and almost always traveled "away from" Nebraska on our family vacations. Had done some eastern Nebraska travel, but had previously really missed out on many of the really great things to see and do in the Western Nebraska Sandhills.

What this Nebraska Travels Site is:

This Nebraska Vacation Guide web site is the result of my Wife and My attempt in recent years to "catch up" on the beautiful and interesting Scenic, Geologic, and Historical Attractions in Western Nebraska and the Nebraska Sandhills -- along with some "reviews," Tips Tips, and pictures from some our Nebraska travels over the years to "closer to Lincoln and Omaha" Attractions and Points of Interest in Eastern Nebraska.

On our recent travels to the Western and Northern Nebraska Panhandle and the Sandhills, we have tried to read every Historic Marker, visit every area State and National Park, and view every marked and unmarked Scenic Overlook -- and take LOTS of digital pictures -- many to be posted here!
Fort Robinson State Park grasslands area - near Crawford west of Chadron, NE
We'll even have a few scenic video clips and some "panorama" scenic Nebraska photo shots.

Fort Robinson State Park


What we have now & will be adding here:

This site will have our Nebraska Travel "Discoveries," along with our "Reviews," time needed to view, and Tips Tips on "Must See" great Attractions. Also a few comments on some "not-so-great" attractions, lodging, or restaurants -- so you won't have to waste your time or money like we did on a few occasions.

We will also have many Pictures to help you make up your own "Must See" in Nebraska list. We will offer attraction discount tips when available -- and later will have some Bed & Breakfast, Motel, and Restaurant "Reviews." (Gene particularly enjoys checking out the restaurants recommended by the "Locals!" - often some great finds, sometimes not.)

We also will be adding some special affordable Nebraska Travel and Vacation Discount Tips Tips for the Over 55 - "Seasoned"
Travelers Set, since we have been part of that growing Travel crowd for several years. We have discovered some money-saving Tips to share from our experiences with Nebraska Travels.

A listing of some of the pages on this Nebraska Travels Site now, plus some of the pages and pictures to come are in the Menu listing to the left. More are being added as we complete new page additions that we think will be interesting to our Site visitors -- especially topics that we currently have pictures for since this is a "picture enhanced" Nebraska Vacation and Travel Site.

We took over a thousand pictures + a few videos from our last road trip vacation through the Nebraska Sandhills and the Western Nebraska Panhandle, so we have a "few" pictures from that trip and others to choose from to use here.

The list of the Nebraska Travel and Nebraska Vacations pages here now with descriptions and links is below.

"Tips to help you Plan & Save + Pictures to help you Dream"  

Come back and watch our growth -- and check for our our new Nebraska Sandhills and other Nebraska Travels Attraction pictures and video clip postings!

      Gene Seecann

   Traveler to / Builder of:
   Your Insider "Picture Enhanced" Affordable Nebraska Vacations Guide


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Thanks for dropping by -- come back and visit us soon to plan your next Affordable Nebraska Travels -- or to check out our latest Nebraska Picture or Nebraska Video additions!

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