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Wild Turkeys perched on gym set in back yard - Eastern Nebraska
 Wild Turkeys Video + Pictures
Taken in a Back Yard in Eastern Nebraska

Wild Turkeys Video

Video Clip + Turkey Pictures

Turkeys Eating and Flying up to Perch on
Gym Set in Back Yard

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Flock of Wild Turkeys Eating and Flying
Video Taken in the back yard of an acreage in Eastern, NE

Now we have Videos of Wild Turkeys to go with the Deer in back yard Videos!

Getting to be more and more Wild Turkeys wandering around Eastern Nebraska Rural Areas. Sometimes you will come upon a Flock of them during the daytime slowly crossing the road. Not quite as bad as the deer since turkeys roost at night and don't dart out in front of you or run at your headlights like deer do.

Plus they wouldn't do nearly as much damage to your car as a deer if you happened to hit one! Hmmm -- wonder if they will still be around at Thanksgiving when they may have "fattened up" a bit!

These wild turkey pictures and Video were taken in early October, 2007.

Wild Turkey's wandering through Yard

Wild Turkeys in back yard and perched on gym set
Flock of turkeys that hung
around in the same back yard as the deer seen here on another page for several days. (see "Deer in back yard Video link below)

Lucked out and got a few pictures of some of the Turkeys perched
on the gym set. Also see Wild Turkey Video below.

Wild Turkeys in back yard perched on gym set
Wild Turkeys perched on gym set in Eastern Nebraska acreage back yard.
A use for the gym set we never thought of!
They pecked at my outside rain guage sensor but it still seems intact.

Wild Turkey perched on bird bath
Wild Turkey perched on bird bath. Wonder what the neighborhood Robins thought
of this BIG bird moving in on their territory?

Wild Turkeys Video
Video of Wild Turkeys flying up to perch on gym set in back yard.
Some fly up to perch on gym set as they get to it.
Watch some of them "teeter" when they have trouble gripping the smooth metal bar
Vs the tree limbs the wild turkeys are used to perching on.

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